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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 2 microphone mixer
I am very satisfied. The cable is just as expected. I will note though that it was very tightly packaged in a small envelope and it kinked the cable at many places and it is hard to get it straight again. I don't like being picky, but let's be honest, we all bought this cable for its looks :)
Awesome product! The quality of this cable is amazing. It feels a lot more durable then 'normal' cables. And it also looks very good! :) And to top that off: delivery was approx. 1 week to The Netherlands. I am a satisfied customer and will order again in the future :D
Initially had a problem with both mikes having a rattle that caused a lot of amplified noise as the mikes were moved. I unscrewed the mesh heads and found both of the microphones were hanging loose. Pushing them back into the holders and res crewing on the mesh head fixed it. Otherwise they work well.