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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 21w solar panel
The delivery took long, about six weeks. But it was worth it. I connected it with my iPhone and it charged fine. 20% in half an hour of Full sunlight. There are no cables delivered with it. But you can use your own telephone cable. Seller communicated well when the delivery took to long.
This product manufactured excellent. Works properly for my tablets and phones. Also tried it for battery chager - works perfectly. The one thing I noticed during my tablet chagring that after sun goes aside the tablet started to be decharged back. I think there is a sligth power draing there... But It's minor problem, just need to wach out about sun angle. Special thancks for seller - there was some trouble initially with the parcel and they sent me another one with the faster way. Got it in good condition and package. Thank you, guys! :-)
This product it’s exactly as described. I tested it ouside, even if it’s still the end of winter, it charged my iphone 5s from 10% to 92% in 1h30. I presume it will be faster during summer. So far so good!
The product came to me in 25 days. Reliablue seller i havent tested it yet because there is no sun nowadays. As soos as i test it i will write my opinions abouth the product..