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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 360 ball camera
Item is great, really impressed with the quality. If you are using it for anything heavier than 15 pounds the ball head will move. Easy fix, get a new ballhead. Desmond has them for $70 on amazon called the demon and is rated to 60 pounds.
Great sturdy tripod. It was shipped in Amazon box via Canada post so fast and no tax in Canada. What I like: - sturdy, holds my Canon 80D +100mm L Macro with no issues in most positions - gets really low - with tripod head removed it is less than 4.5cm. The lower you can get outside using a ground pod to my knowledge - holds over 4kg of gear without issues - gimbal + Canon 80D + Sigma 150-600C - Folds small and is light - can be carried with you all the time or when you need to travel light What could be better: - Center column can be rotated even when tightened up to maximum - in my view - just get rid of the central column - make the tripod even lighter and sturdier - The head adapter is a little crooked so the head sits at slight angle when mounted. Not a big deal but this might be QC issue so be aware - The ball head while ok, would be much better with separate knob to control horizontal rotation. As it is you need to use the central column when shooting panoramas.
I liked very much the build of this tripod mount. Totally worth the price, and I would buy it again, if i had more cameras. Probably I will do it, whenever I want to give a good present for a friend who is into video production / photography
Ultra fast delivery :D over weekend. Fri ordered Thue delivered. :) From Belbium in Erope by UPS. Package lightly damaged, one hole in box:( Tripod good, robust like at picture, for now I am satisfied:))) we see in future :))))