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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for 4k 60fps camera
The camera is amazing value for the quality and accessories that come with it. Still working totally fine after daily use for the last 2.5 to 3 months. Shipping took a while longer (than say from a traditional online retail store) to deliver, but was expected.
Very nice packing and all the items came in an organized pouch. The camera looks clean and look forward to trying it out soon. Took over 34 days to receive. Seller did send a notification that there was a delay and that other had to re-mail the product.
Camera came in ahead of scheduled time, package was a little busted but no damage to the items. Lots of "belt buckle" attachment which I really don't know where to hook into but i'm not a sport camera guy so this might be standard. All in all very satisfied. On a side note, the charger that comes with the camera as a standard package is a 2 round prong one (probably for Europe) so make sure you order the extra 2 battery charger so you can plug it into a regular USB style charger or you will have to charge your battery still inside the camera.
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