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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for antenna camera
Good camera, great colour reproduction and transition from light to dark. Only issue the camera seems out of focus so I'll try to adjust and report back. Good seller with fast shipping, 3 weeks to the Urals in Russia.
My fault: I did not pay attention to the wire gauge so the wires are really thin (not as my previous order which, probably, was for 26awg). The cross section is not an issue (signal cables) but crimping will be a challenge for a hobby-st. So, if you need 26awg search "silicone 4pin 26awg"...
Arrived today’s morning. I already replaced the old (ragged one) cable with this new and it works just fine. Camera rested and seems like it works as it had to :) Thanks for the good quality and fast delivery. Arrived in 10 days.