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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for battery bluetooth earphone
The quality of product is very nice, everything is solid and properly done. Installation and usage is as easy as it can be. There is one thing to mention - there is NO way to talk with more than one person at same time, you can connected to two people, but you have to switch beetwen them, so only one of them can hear you. Of course applications like Intercom for android work pretty good, so you can pair your phone through bluetooth to talk with your group.
I'm surprised how good it sounds! Bass are deep, albeit being muffled by the paddings on top of it. It might be the placement, I think that the right side is not as loud as the left (with mic). Will check it out later. When stationary, the microphone pick up range is quite good. Although it can be said the same while riding. I can't really tell how was it because I have to find chin curtain first.