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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for battery dvr
Very interesting, I replaced the 200mA battery of my wireless headphones for this 450 mA battery, a great success, more than twice as long and very easy to replace. The measurements are correct, it is a quality product comes perfectly protected, in anti static bag and protected in cardboard box, arrived very fast, Recommended seller
Very fast postage. Camera shipped to NZ and recieved within 8 days. Amazing camera, where video is ultra clear. Can rotate it easily if I want to take videos of kids being silly.
Good and fast service. The goggles are exactly the same as the ev 800 with the addition of diversity. The only negative...the internal battery is smaller and lasts half as long as the ev 800.
Same sw of all others dvr, and like the others when it's recording, the video output flashes with some delay, it's preferible to switch the video view direct from the input..i had to put a switch for select recording view and camera direct view...but it works perfectly (record and playback on board mode) cheap and good