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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for car intelligent robot
Good product, the charger works good even if from my testing it does not deliver 4 amps, but pretty close to 4 Amps, i think that with bigger wires would work better.
Fast delivery. The Package Two came with twelve screws for two brackets. Not sixteen as desired. But only four screws is really useful for one bracket. More screws are useless because of it's size. Thanks a lot!
Perfect! Nice quality, light and sound. Weights enough to expect good quality of the motor and other components. Need just one minute to get used how to drive it. Here is the hint - "eye" is always looking forward. Not yet sure how long it will run on batteries.
Fast shipping and delivery: 30 days to Romania. product looks ok. Some rough finishes. Tyre seems to be rubber. Fairly elastic. Smaller than I have been imagining, but it was my own expectation without carefully checking the dimensions before order.