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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cell phone microphone
I had bought this before, the product is really good, unfortunately this one arrived with the broken box and defect, I returned it with evidence and the seller was awesome and quick with the refund.
When they're in my ears, it's very very very comfortable I very like them. The sound is so so, but still good for this price. The bass is loud but the midrange and treble are quit not loud. Anyway, there are very worth fir this price!!!
NOt reliable. Work perfectly at the beginning but has a very big weakness at the plug part, where you insert it in your iPhone. After 3 months of using it everyday, it start to disconnect all the time and oblige me to play with the cable in order to make a proper connection. I need to buy another one. I wrote the seller to inform of that.
The cable came with a kink in the middle because of the packaging but it should come out with time. The cable is like the photo and very soft like clothing almost and very flexible. I would say overly flexible, which is a nice touch to the stiff cables out there. The cable seems musical and delightful to listen to.