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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for control robot
delivery to EU within 2 weeks :-) 10 of 10 working well, one a little bit noisy. Have different circular frequencies while receiving the same signal. Some running uneven at lower circular frequency. So maybe you could improve the precision / smoothness of your plastic bearings? :-) Nevertheless a nice product and a nice price. I will order more soon :-)
Hey Seller! I know you will see this feedback.The last lot of 10 servo that I received was ok... normal servo and good quality! Not as the same as previous 2 orders received.You must ask at your factory suplyer and request to check better that servo sent it to you .Until now I think I buyed more than 7 sets...and In the begining servo was verry described.good torque and good centering.After few orders I receive 2 lots whith lower speed...not the same previous .I'm verry sorry but this is the thruth. I don't have any reason to bother you.And maybe you will respond to messages .