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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for dome
This seller did send me the good one for a reasonable price (others are overpriced or have bad copy of the original)! With that said, I bought 10 of those caps from another seller at first, and that other seller what that other seller sent me was a bunch of crappy ones, - ones that were flat from the top and therefore when I tried to use one with my Thinkpad, my finger was sliding off from the cap very easily. But not the case with the cap that this seller sent me. This seller sent me only one cap and it is very close to being as the original, with oval top. Most importantly, it feels exactly as the originals that I have. The big difference seems to be between the bad one and the good one is that the good one is slightly taller, and the top is round/curved instead of being flat. So with all that said, if you are going to buy a trackpoint cap for your thinkpad then know that you can get really good ones from this seller for under three dollars.