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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for hunting ni
I use good quality flash lights since decades, and I'm very happy with this product ! Lighting is very efficient for such a small battery ! Color is yellow, so you see very well but it's not too much agressive. You can modify light intensity, low is very low, making it discreet, so battery will last very long. Strobe is efficient (always a good feature, perfect for self defense). The clip is really firm. It can hold on a hat, but it's not perfect, I prefer a headlamp, this is my secondary lamp : EDC on the belt with keys. Rings and wrist-strap are not included, choose and buy yours. Overall good quality, especially with this price : it rocks ! You won't regreat it ! And if you miss 14500, you can still use an AA ! Far far better than similar lights at low price with zoom. SF12 doesn't need zoom, adjust the intensity is enough. This way the flashlight is more reliable :)) Don't buy cheap, buy quality like this one !!
fun little light with a surprisingly wide range of zoom. the acrlic lens is of great quality. no wavyness. projects a accurate shape of led. great value and better then those popular atomic zoom flashlights. with! a legit battery