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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for joystick ps2
good fit but you only get 1. read it carefully. fooled me. I needed 2. Thought it was for 2 but if you read carefully says one. Threw it away and bought another 2.
They work great and feel authentic for the type of ps2 controllers they are made for, however I needed the other type and since the seller didn't specify which one it was, I ended up ordering the wrong one. When I contacted the seller they told me they sold the correct one and I ordered that one.
Seller waited right up until the end of the window to ship. Extended processing time by a day. Then got confirmation that the product was ready for dispatch. During most of the 'shipping' time, the tracking number didn't produce any information. No tracking information was available until it was in my home country. Arrived in a loose black shipping bag with label attached. Parts were in cardboard box as pictured. Joystick was packed in with the rest of the kit (not boxed as its pictured in the listing). Some pins were bent, including the pins on the joystick itself. Not enough to cause any problems functionally, but zero bent pins is better than some bent pins. From what I can tell the joystick is original Sanwa, microswitches are Omron, and the restrictor plate is branded Sanwa. Buttons are also branded Sanwa. Two 24mm buttons are different colors, but its alright. Assembly is easy, no soldering required. 9/10 would buy again.