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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for lamp li
I confirm i received battery from image. Using it in my vaping mod around 10 watts, they are lasting about 2-3 hours. I thought they would last at least 5 but that's my own fault not sellers. Cheers
Works very well with few minor flaws, DC plug sits badly and can be easily taken out, so you have to figure out how to fix it during shooting, especially whey lighting a ceiling or a high positioned object. Secondary, and that's a bigger problem, the lamp gives a certain magenta tint on pictures, not critical, but visible still. Yes, that's bad for professional filming. The battery charger isn't powerful, so charging a battery takes time. Anyway for such a price works great. Thanks.
Really fast delivery (18 days) and everything as promised. Using it in with the strongest light it lasts over 1 1/2 hours. No instructions for the time to recharge, but easy to guess. I like it.