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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mobile mp3 video
It took only couple of weeks to get to me! And it's gorgeous! Stylish golden bage colour. Well packed with clear case and protection glass as gifts.Operates really well. My best recomendations!
The product is really greate quality and with smooth OS. I have opel Insignia combi and I got in trouble with sound, because my car has installed premium sound system "Infinity sound system". This was problem, because amplifier is quite hidden stored in back of car next to fuel bag,what i didnt know. I contacted seller which actively working with me to find out the problem. After that I was redirected to their engineer Neil, who really helps me to solve problem by actively giving advices and skype video communication, which I appreciate a Lot, because they CARE about customers. Once I found it, i rewired original amplifier. Sound in the end is much better, high quality but when you are setting high bass you will reach limit of plastic resonance in doors :-) Definitely it is Worth it, you extend life of car for next 4 or 5 years if u have it in great condition, but only original system keeks you limited
I will give 5 stars for the purchased product is ok but it would be good if you had a manual for example for canbus and I do not know if it needs to be granted for my car I can not find any Opel Insignia anymore if you know something please Tell me, thank you.
The only issue i have is that when i paid the £19 postage and packaging for DHL for a quicker delivery, I was not told that I would have to pay MORE! I ended up with a bill of £58.00 before the DHL driver could give me the Item. Very dissatisfied with the service
If your Chrysler vehicle has a factory AMP/SUB the rear fade will not work. I have a Ram 1500, all speakers work including factory Alpine sub how ever can adjust sound toward the rear speakers. This is not a huge issue with me, the head unit is a perfect fit, works well and fast, and sounds way better the original stereo. Happy with this purchase.