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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mp3 mp4
The delivery was very fast. DVD comes in 3 dayes. Thanks seller support and Elaine for answering my questions related to the product installation. After wiring in correct way all started works as design :) Can can see information from car. The 4g antenna wires are long enough to setup them in top of the front window.
fastest packege I've ever received from aliexpress, 2 day delivery, well packed. I will install it today after work. then will leave additional feedback. but for now I'm more than satisfied.
Very satisfied with product quality and features. It is very easy to mount and install, operates very smoothly. More than expected! If exist more options and explanation to configure with main unit ordering, will be perfect. I am ordering extra items separately now and have to wait again. :)
Very good item and fits well in Grand Vitara. There is an app for binding wheel keys to any function. There are many interfaces, all you need in a car. There is a bug with default player increasing volume on any action, but it's not system wide, so you can install your favourite player and it will work fine. Sound quality is decent.
+ All on Time, shipment OK, content good as well. I’m very happy with the device as it is really powerful and nice. - I have an issue with built in mic as the quality is horrible and the person on the other side can’t hear me at all. I’m waiting for an external mic to see the difference. The aeria plug doesn’t match Subaru 2009 standard but is not the issue as the ISO interface is connected to original EU radio by Subaru. Instruction is very simple & poor, it is only kit description but no device settings explanation/ recommendation. Overall, I’m still satisfied with Ownice 500+ device