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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for octa core radio
Works very well in my 2012 Jeep JKU CRD. Have some problem with dab, but using radio via 4g untill I can manage it to work. The panels fit very well and it looks like it came with the car out of the factory. I'm very satisfied with the product.
works well but for Germany I have paid 56,61 EUR of VAT and taxies. Be carefully as Google Play Store is not working so only possible to unload apps via APK (if you have no idea what is APK do not by it). All is made for Chinese market so at the beginning very complicated... But after few hours all goes well :) Seller very helpful and nice (quick in Germany)
If your Chrysler vehicle has a factory AMP/SUB the rear fade will not work. I have a Ram 1500, all speakers work including factory Alpine sub how ever can adjust sound toward the rear speakers. This is not a huge issue with me, the head unit is a perfect fit, works well and fast, and sounds way better the original stereo. Happy with this purchase.
Very nice Auto Radio. I like the Instant Boot-Up option, no booting time with this. I don't miss any feature. The UI is very fast, no lags (PX5 4GB RAM version). I am very very happy with this device. :)