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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for pa system for car
Overall this is a good product. The keypad is a bit smaller than I was expecting but works well. It has a couple of weird quirks where in some circumstances a button will activate a siren tone when it shouldn't but its manageable. The switches have a positive click when activated which is good, however the labels are a little fiddly to install. Apart from the three memory buttons, none of the others are programmable. There are two siren volume buttons which seem unusual (why would I want to turn the siren volume down?) and seem a waste of space. One other quirk is that if you switch the master switch off and back on, it restores the previous settings, including the sirens. This means if you switch the unit off with the sirens previously activated, it'll all turn back on again when you switch it back on, which may be days later and the last thing you expect. The shipping was a concern, it took way too long despite paying over $100. That was disappointing.