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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for r4
The joystick looks nice, feels good is is built well. The spring tension can for some be a bit high. For s smoother feel, remove the bottom plate (4 screws) and take out the two springs. Notice that only the rubber cover now acts as a spring, zeroing to the center is a bit less accurate and may need some manual input, but the smoothness is great without the springs.
Seller could not provide wiring diagram or any lead on where to get a diagram. Had to search internet for more than 30 minutes to find an unofficial diagram that someone made and posted on a forum.
A lot of joysticks like this has 10K in their name but turns out to be just 5k when you measure them whwn you get them. These were indeed 10K when I checked them with a multimeter. If you want the 10K version, buy the serial that ends in "R4".
Appearance check is ok. No documentation, both manual and invoice. If seller will give me the electronic version of both document later, I will be appreciate. Functional test is on going.