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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for radio run
the letters are very small. Not read well. But the product works well. It is difficult to turn it on again from the sleep state. Charging is only possible with USB 3.0.
Display is smaller as shown here (as usual). Display layout is way different than advertised (very small album art). The device had trouble indexing all tracks on a 64GB card filled with 320kbps mp3's. Bluetooth has it's own play interface that doesn't have the option to play shuffled (not that I could find) For the rest the device is OK. Delivery was very quick and well packed.
Bought my second tank from them. They are reliable and trustworthy seller on Aliexpress with a high quality of standard for good service, communication and good product quality. Extremely well-packed and taken care of. My tank came 100% and no damage was found. Tested with the high quality 2600mAh battery that comes with the tank and it works perfectly. 2600mAh has an internal resistance of 8-10 ohms which is excellent for a lipo battery. Thank you Jack, I wish you the best in your business and will continue to buy from Mato Outlet. Thank you Jack!
Not tried yet but delivery quite fast. It replaces one I broke some weeks ago. This one shows some tips to remove the USB key that would have been useful in my previous one to avoid me to brake it. I wait though for the sound quality as my previous one was really great.