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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for radio wma
Excellent! Arrived here in just one week! Great packaging. Works perfectly, very light weighted, nice velvety rubber texture, easy to use, many options of language in the settings. It even has games. My son is delighted.
Everything received in good order. I received the black M7 though I ordered the silver one but that's not a problem. Updated the firmware to the latest version and so far everything works fine and all is to my liking.
Firstly, I like to thank FiiO for the quick shipping. I received the set within 2 weeks. Great service guys! The FiiO X5iii comes well packed and no damage whatsoever. The unboxing experience is good. I must say it’s a very pretty device that price. The unit does feels a little slow comparing to my Samsung Note 5 but it’s still very much useable. I just hope FiiO can improve the wifi connection in the next firmware upgrade.The hardware feels solid and expensive (all metal casing). I love the 2.5mm balance output. I found the FiiO default music player is not very user friendly. I like to listen all my music albums in the sequence of how it comes from the CD albums without the need for create playlists. I ended up using Hiby’s music player instead. Secondly, the texts is too small to read and that makes it very easy to select the wrong song or options. The sound from the X5iii is very enjoyable pairing with the F9 IEM. The display is still bright and clear even under the Singapore sun