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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for shinecon vr
Good quality! Sound quality is decent. You cant expect too much. But worth the money spent on this product. Delivered before the estimated time. The only downside was that it came without the Shinecon box. The remote i still need to understand how to use and for what.
I just have to thank for the attention and commitment to the customer, excellent quality product, delivery before the deadline, VIP service, I recommend the seller without a doubt ... We will do future business ...
The glasses are good in terms of build quality and sturdiness. The work as advertised and are comfortable enough. The lenses can be adjusted which is very nice but doesn't have much effect for but i dont have focus problems. The bad thing here is the viewing angle which is small. You see a black frame on all sides like youre in a cinema and looking at a big square screen. Anyway for the monet less than 8$ it is a very good product.